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The law firm provides support in the fields of civil law, family law, labour law, business law, insolvency law, administrative law.

Mediator Katarzyna Bugaj-Kotterba also offers assistance in judicial and extrajudicial mediation

Professionalism, trust, tradition

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Bugaj Adwokaci is a law firm in Jelenia Góra that also undertakes unusual cases.

Professionalism, trust, tradition


We support alternative dispute resolution even before going to court

Services in Bugaj Advocates

The law firm provides legal and mediation services. We provide assistance not only in Polish, but also in English, French and Ukrainian. Therefore, our law firm serves both domestic and foreign entities.

The attorneys provide support in the form of advice, assistance in negotiations and mediation, preparation of relevant documentation, as well as representation of the client's interests in pre-court, court and administrative proceedings.

Katarzyna Bugaj-Kotterba, LL.M.



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Consumer bankruptcy

Advocate Katarzyna Bugaj-Kotterba, who runs the Jelenia Góra Barrister's Office, also provides advice and conducts bankruptcy cases for natural persons not conducting business activity (so-called consumer bankruptcy). The attorney's office recom...


Permanent Mediator at the Regional Court in Wrocław and the Regional Court in Jelenia Góra - Advocate Katarzyna Bugaj-Kotterba also provides services and knowledge in the field of mediation (civil, family, criminal, insurance). A mediator such as the a...

Legal services for citizens of Ukraine

We provide legal protection of clients' interests in the field of family law, both in Poland and Ukraine. List of legal services: consultation on all family law issues; drafting and filing of divorce petitions;; Dra...

Legal advice

For both individual clients and businesses, our Jelenia Góra lawyer's office offers legal advice. The lawyer will answer your questions and present possible solutions to the situation after getting acquainted with your situation and doubts.

Economic law

The field regulating relations between participants in commercial exchange is commercial law. In this field, our law firm provides services to both Polish and foreign entities (legal services for companies in Polish, English and French). Our att...

Criminal law

We undertake to support clients in cases and disputes governed by criminal law. We offer advice to both victims and suspects or defendants. Our law firm provides services in the form of advice, representation of the client before judicial, administrative and l...

Succession matters

The Law Office in Jelenia Góra is not only about labour law or criminal law. The barrister also conducts cases (including in court and amicable proceedings) and provides legal advice in the broad field of inheritance law. Succession matters I...

Civil law

In the field of civil law, our law firm in Jelenia Góra offers support in the form of advice, drafting of letters, applications and other documentation, and representation of the client's interests in court proceedings. You can entrust us with inher...

Employment law

Bugaj Adwokaci is a law firm that offers support to both entrepreneurs and employees. We not only provide advice, but also represent the client's interests in court and pre-court proceedings. We also deal with the drafting of relevant letters, motions, leg...

Family law

Our law firm in Jelenia Góra deals with cases governed by family law. These include divorce and alimony cases, as well as cases related to parental authority and contact with the child. The lawyer provides support at every stage of the proceedings ...


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Bugaj Adwokaci in Jelenia Góra offers legal counselling services which are addressed to both individual clients and business entities, knowing that different categories of clients have different expectations and require a different approach. We strive to adapt the scope and content of our services to the current needs of our clients.

Our Law Office in Jelenia Góra offers both permanent and incidental counselling. We provide individual case management, representation in court, pre-court and administrative proceedings, and assistance in negotiations and mediation. We also assist in obtaining compensation and provide legal advice.

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Our Law Firm currently provides comprehensive services for citizens from Ukraine. We assist in matters related to residence in Poland, employment, civil, family, and criminal cases. We assist in setting up a business in Poland and in many official matters. In addition, we are able to obtain and locate current documents from Ukraine, and we provide assistance with Polish-Ukrainian translations (these are not sworn translations).
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+48 882 487 233

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