Civil law

In the field of civil law, our law firm in Jelenia Góra offers support in the form of advice, drafting of letters, applications and other documentation, and representation of the client's interests in court proceedings. You can entrust us with inheritance cases, cases for payment, as well as cases for the division of property, restoration of lost possession or dissolution of co-ownership.

We also provide support in the area of debt recovery - both at the pre-litigation stage (calls for payment, negotiations, drafting and concluding agreements with the debtor) and during court proceedings and debt enforcement. The solicitor also represents the interests of the client in other court cases arising from other civil law obligations. Our law firm in Jelenia Góra provides support to clients at every stage of the proceedings, which means that in the event that the outcome of the case (for inheritance, payment, division of property and others) is unsatisfactory for the client, we draw up appropriate legal remedies.

For those who are looking for information on bankruptcy of a natural person not conducting business, we recommend the following service: consumer bankruptcy Jelenia Góra
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