Consumer bankruptcy

Advocate Katarzyna Bugaj-Kotterba, who runs the Jelenia Góra Barrister's Office, also provides advice and conducts bankruptcy cases for natural persons not conducting business activity (so-called consumer bankruptcy). The attorney's office recommends its service: Consumer bankruptcy Jelenia Góra within the scope of which it both provides legal advice on a one-off basis and representation of debtors during the entire course of liquidation proceedings. The solicitor also prepares the application for consumer bankruptcy, advises on how best to prepare for the repayment plan,

Declaring consumer bankruptcy
Merely declaring consumer bankruptcy is only the beginning of a long road that aims to bring about debt relief for the person concerned. However, this process is not always easy. Clients who report to the Office in Jelenia Góra are often burdened with a very large number of unpaid debts (including those originating from the times of conducted business activities) and equally often the number of debts and creditors is overwhelming. The client can count on full legal support (including legal advice jelenia Góra) from the law firm in the matter of bankruptcy proceedings (declaration of consumer bankruptcy and about the course of the proceedings).

Declaring consumer bankruptcy
What is consumer bankruptcy Consumer bankruptcy was introduced to the Polish legal order for good in 2016, and according to the amendment to the Bankruptcy Law, which enters into force on 24.03.2020r. - this institution opens up even more for the indebted. The process of declaring bankruptcy of an individual becomes more accessible, which does not mean that it is arbitrary. According to the legislator's intention - it is more beneficial for indebted persons - as a result of various life events - to come out of the so-called grey zone and return to functioning in society (including the regulation of public and legal obligations), rather than to deepen the state of debt, the complete payment of which is often impossible. However, it must be remembered that bankruptcy proceedings for individuals are also characterised by a number of limitations that the bankrupt must face. The Jelenia Góra solicitor tries to accompany clients on this journey and advise them on the bankruptcy proceedings (mainly regarding the declaration of consumer bankruptcy - the so-called bankruptcy of a non-business person) in accordance with their best interests.

Post-bankruptcy proceedings An equally important part of the debt relief process is the proceedings that are conducted after bankruptcy. Currently, it is mainly conducted by a trustee who becomes the administrator of the bankrupt's assets. This is a very important time, as in the first period, it significantly influences the later establishment of the so-called repayment plan - which is the main element of the debt settlement process. It is necessary to prepare for the whole procedure with particular care so as not to expose oneself to a refusal to establish a repayment plan. Such a turn of events makes it impossible to obtain the final discharge of the bankrupt's liabilities - even if bankruptcy has already been declared. It is also important to conscientiously fulfil the obligations set out by the trustee and by the Court in the course of liquidation (bankruptcy) proceedings and to watch out for the maximum favourable conditions of liquidation of the assets and repayment plan.
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