Family law

Our law firm in Jelenia Góra deals with cases governed by family law. These include divorce and alimony cases, as well as cases related to parental authority and contact with the child. The lawyer provides support at every stage of the proceedings - both in the form of drafting and submitting the relevant letters, applications and documentation, and representing the client in court proceedings or participating in mediation and negotiations. In our office in Jelenia Góra, we also provide legal advice.

Our services include various types of family matters:

separation, divorce - advice, assistance with gathering documentation, drafting of letters and applications, representation of the client both in court proceedings and in mediation
parental authority - cases concerning entrustment of authority to both parents, as well as its withdrawal or restoration
maintenance - establishing the obligation to maintain the child, the amount of payments and their updating in line with changing circumstances (increased needs of the child, deterioration of the financial situation of the parent)
contact with the child - in the absence of an agreement between the parents in this matter, the court establishes the rules of contact, taking into account the best interests of the minor.

Advocate Katarzyna Bugaj Kotterba in Jelenia Góra deals with representation in court proceedings in divorce and separation cases. Divorce is one of the most stressful events, hence it is easy to make a mistake during divorce proceedings. These types of cases are very emotionally charged, which makes it very difficult to make decisions, and the assistance of a professional attorney such as an advocate in Jelenia Góra is a guarantee that the most important decisions in a divorce will not affect the rights and interests of the client. It is important in such a difficult time of divorce to have the contact and support of a person whose aim is to safeguard the interests of the client. The Law Office of the Attorney at Law in Jelenia Góra handles family law cases, in particular divorce/separation cases.

It is important to remember that if spouses have minor children together, it is the duty of the Court to decide not only on the termination of the marriage itself, but also on parental authority, the manner of contact with the children and on alimony. These issues can be very complex and require a particularly careful approach by the attorney, taking into account in particular - the interests and welfare of the child. The lawyer should support the client in the difficult process of divorce in all its aspects, and we are guided by this principle.
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