Legal services for citizens of Ukraine

We provide legal protection of clients' interests in the field of family law, both in Poland and Ukraine.
List of legal services:
  • consultation on all family law issues;
  • drafting and filing of divorce petitions;;
  • Drafting and filing an application for recovery of alimony;
  • assistance in resolving disputes over the division of joint property of spouses;
  • resolving legal matters relating to adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights and others of any complexity
We provide professional legal translation services into Ukrainian of all legal documents written in Polish (contracts, agreements, deeds, employment-related documents, incorporation documents and others). In parallel, we analyse the content of any documents written in Polish. Please note that this is not a sworn translation!

Legal consultations on current cases arising during martial law in Ukraine and full legal service of cases:
  • requesting birth/marriage/divorce/death documents;
  • establishment of birth and death;
  • compensation for material damage caused by warfare;
  • registration of custody and guardianship;
  • enforcement of terms of loan agreements and order for repayment of loans;
issues relating to the performance of employment duties, termination of employment contracts and others.
In addition, we provide the following services: archival document searches; recovery of lost educational documents; establishment of legally relevant facts in court proceedings (fact of higher education and other facts).
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