Permanent Mediator at the Regional Court in Wrocław and the Regional Court in Jelenia Góra - Advocate Katarzyna Bugaj-Kotterba also provides services and knowledge in the field of mediation (civil, family, criminal, insurance). A mediator such as the attorney Jelenia Góra is a person who seeks a reasonable agreement for the disputing parties, which could end an existing dispute without the need for often lengthy court proceedings. The mediator performs his or her tasks both on the basis of a referral from the court and on the basis of a mediation agreement concluded with the client. The mediator's task is not to bring about a settlement at any cost, but to seek a platform where the conflicting parties can seek a way to end the dispute. Not all mediations end in a settlement, but it is often possible to develop at least an understanding of the other party's position, thus avoiding unnecessary escalation of the conflict.

Mediation conducted as part of the Mediator's services cannot and does not constitute legal advice to the parties. The Mediator must be an impartial person and act in the interest of conflict resolution, and everything that is communicated in mediation is covered by absolute confidentiality. Legal expertise comes to the rescue here.
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