Succession matters

The Law Office in Jelenia Góra is not only about labour law or criminal law. The barrister also conducts cases (including in court and amicable proceedings) and provides legal advice in the broad field of inheritance law.

Succession matters

Inheritance law includes declarations of inheritance, matters of division of inheritance, legacies and instructions. Issues that arise after the death of loved ones can often give rise to many doubts and problems - especially as it is often the case that formal issues are outstanding for several generations and drag on for many years. It is also not uncommon for related family law problems to arise, causing the heirs to need professional legal assistance (which is provided by Kancelaria Adwokacka Bugaj Adwokaci) in the form of either legal advice or assistance throughout the proceedings involving inheritance issues. The lawyer Jelenia Góra is able to provide such advice after becoming familiar with the case. Inheritance law cases can be very problematic, and the inevitable emotional ties between the parties to an inheritance case (as these are mainly family matters) do not make it easy to resolve the situation that has arisen. A lawyer in such a situation can help to cool down family emotions in a professional and objective manner, acting in accordance with the letter of the law.

Area of operation

The Office provides legal assistance and support in the course of ongoing proceedings in the field of inheritance law, covering the area of representation not only in Jelenia Góra and its surroundings, but also throughout Poland, if necessary. Jelenia Góra is the place where our office is located. You are welcome to contact our office by e-mail or telephone. A lawyer is at your disposal.
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