Employment law

Bugaj Adwokaci is a law firm that offers support to both entrepreneurs and employees. We not only provide advice, but also represent the client's interests in court and pre-court proceedings. We also deal with the drafting of relevant letters, motions, legal opinions, draft contracts, regulations and other documents - both for litigation and as internal company documentation. The lawyer offers support throughout the entire duration of the case.

In the field of labour law, we offer the support of a solicitor in cases such as:
  • mobbing
  • discrimination on grounds of gender, race or religion
  • wrongful dismissal
  • breach of non-compete obligations
  • accidents at work
  • financial claims for lack of overtime pay or compensation due as a result of non-compete obligations
  • conflict between employer and trade union
  • compensation and claims for harassment, discrimination, unfair or wrongful dismissal.
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